Daylily Informatics
Daylily Informatics

Daylilly can enable you, in a matter of days, to be able to process thousands of genomes an hour for dollars a genome. We specialize in custom omics analysis, as well as offer a managed genome analysis service: learn more // contact for general consulting

  ⁃  genomics
  ⁃  bioinformatics
  ⁃  clinical operations
  ⁃  regulatory & compliance
   ⁃  training and 3rd party audits
  ⁃  pipeline design &  optimization

What we do Daylily Informatics brings over 20 years of expertise in translational informatics to the table. Principles have been contributors in designing and scaling up informatics and operations infrastructure to support projects such as the finishing effort of the human genome project, development of the first generation Pacific Biosciences Sequencer and shepherding Invitae through several orders of magnitude of growth. Our skill set ranges from working with lab processes & personnel to analytics & algorithm development. 

Tech Startup
    Technology Advising
    Cloud Migration
    Clinical Operations
    CLIA Certification

Clinical Operations
    CAP Accreditation
    Validation Report Drafting
    Process Monitoring and Optimization

    Algorithm Development
    Pipeline Engineering

Contributor to     (2002 -- present)
Key Contributor To Bringing
Invitae Corporation Public &
Navigating Early Exponential Growth

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